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Aurizon Wants to Crush people’s freedom to protest the Adani coal mine


We need to stand together against Aurizon


We can’t let Aurizon bully us. Stopping climate change from destroying people and planet is too important. They may have money and powerful connections, but we are stronger when we stand together. Pledge to take action to force Aurizon to change their deadly business plan.

Why Take Action

Australia’s largest freight company, Aurizon, is seeking an injunction to prevent protests on its train line to the proposed Adani mega mine. They are taking legal action against grass-roots campaigners Frontline Action on Coal Inc. that could see protesters having to declare themselves bankrupt, and pay chunks of their salaries to the corporate giant for the rest of their lives.

Adani want to dig the biggest coal mine in Australia’s history. Right now Aurizon are considering whether to cash in by transporting Adani coal on their existing rail line. People have been taking action to pressure Aurizon to boycott Adani. If the mine goes ahead it will fuel global warming, permanently damage our Reef and trash Indigenous rights.

Instead of listening to the public and standing on the right side of history, Aurizon is seeking to crush dissent. Aurizon have form as bullies, already making similar threats against other activists. This is yet another attempt by big business and government to shut down political debate. They want to silence people who stand up to them with the threat of legal action.

We need to show them that they can’t silence our movement and stop us from taking action. We are standing up to Aurizon. We need you to join us and pledge to not be silenced by Aurizon’s attempts to intimidate and harass people fighting for climate justice!

I pledge to stand up to Aurizon, to refuse to be silenced, and do whatever I can to stop dangerous new coal developments – like Adani’s Carmichael mine